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Deeply Principled Collaborative Curious Perceptive Innovative Accountable


Deep Medical is led by six values.

Deeply Principled

We take a considered and ethical approach to everything we design, from our algorithms and their uses to the products we create.

Deeply Collaborative

We believe that the best way forward is to work together. So we co-design our products to make sure everyone reaches the finish line.

Deeply Curious

We’re an ideas-led company, welcoming and nurturing new approaches, research, and strategies.

Deeply Perceptive

Our work - and our decision making - is backed by evidence.

Deeply Innovative

We believe in learning and developing ideas with creativity and playfulness.

Deeply Accountable

We’re committed to our mission, and when we say we’re going to do something, we do it.

We partner with the best academic institutions in the world.

We are Friends of University College London Computer Science and are currently sponsoring MSc projects in AI at UCL and the University of Oxford.

We’re keen to work with the best AI talent globally to build the best solutions.

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Our Team

Our team includes seasoned executives, and leaders from AI, Healthcare, Management and Technology. Learn more about who we are:

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